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Banff National Park Elopement
at Vermillion Lakes

Vermillion Lakes Elopement Ceremony | Banff National Park Elopement Photographer

Vermillion Lakes Banff Elopement

This intimate wedding in Banff National Park was the perfect way for Jamie and Krista to create a beautiful, unique wedding day experience that was completely their own!

For Krista and Jamie’s elopement in Banff at Vermillion Lakes, the couple decided to keep their audience small. Their ideal day was an intimate experience in Banff National Park that stayed true to the core foundation of their relationship. 

For the couple, the first look photo on the dock was very important as well as their first kiss. 

After the ceremony, Krista and Jamie decided to take advantage of the beautiful setting by having a photo session at nearby Cascade Ponds. They were able to capture some lovely photos of the two of them, surrounded by the stunning scenery. But the session was cut short when a quick rainstorm rolled in. Undeterred, Krista and Jamie decided to continue their photos and soon found themselves rewarded with a stunning rainbow that had appeared in the sky. This beautiful moment was captured and will always be remembered as one of the special moments of their wedding day. The photos of Krista and Jamie at Cascade Ponds with a quick rainstorm and a beautiful rainbow will always be cherished. Not only are they a reminder of the special day they shared, but they also serve as a reminder of the beauty of nature and the power of love. They are a reminder that no matter what storms come, love will always win.

After the rain cleared, we made time for family photos, where Krista enjoyed a wonderful moment with her grandfather, and Jamie got “sky high” with his pals. The couple and I then took some time for some more intimate couple moments before they headed back to Canmore to meet their family and friends for a reception at the Sensory in Canmore. Krista and Jamie’s intimate wedding ceremony in Banff National Park at Vermillion Lakes was a day they will always remember. It was a day filled with love, beauty, and adventure, and one that will remain close to their hearts forever.
Krista and Jamie Intimate wedding in Banff National Park at Cascade Ponds


Dress – David’s Bridal

Suit – Moore’s

Rings – James Allen

Officiant – Married by Cole

Flowers – le bouquet floral

Cake – Bake my day

Make up – Rock and Rose

Hair – the Pretty Haus

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