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Airat and Natalie are a lovely couple from Calgary who chose to host their quaint elopement in Banff National Park at the Hoodoo Trail on Tunnel Mountain. Their immediate family and some close friends made up the wedding guests, Airat’s parents were there to assist in the ceremony with Airat’s father giving Natalie away, and Natalie’s parents watching via Facetime from Russia.

It was a beautiful but cold morning in the Canadian Rockies with temperatures hovering around -15 degrees Celcius. This was the beginning of a cold snap which would take over for the next week or so. Natalie and Airat, alongside their wedding party, braved the cold and said their vows with Mount Rundle bearing witness to the ceremony which Dr. Cheryl Cooper officiated.

After Airat and Natalie’s vows, Airat’s mother brought out the Karavai which is a traditional bread, most often used at weddings, where it has a great symbolic meaning and has remained part of the wedding tradition in the Ukraine and Russia. The round and delicious Karavai is a common element of the bread and salt ceremony.

Post-ceremony, the entire wedding party re-convened at the Banff Gondola for photos and mingling. Overall, it was a beautiful and love-filled elopement in Banff National Park!



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  1. Teresa Woodhull

    This is seriously such a stunning location for a wedding! Love her dress and hair piece as well! Thank you for sharing!

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